What are your favorite toys? How does hot wax sound? I have found it to be excellent for releasing demons which have snuck into your body you nasty nasty slut. The demons seem drawn to the hot wax, perhaps the temperature reminds them of their hellish home, but once stuck in the hot wax I can carefully scrape them off with my knife and put them in the trash where they will rot and not pester anyone else.

As you are the spirit of a goddess inhabiting this earthbound shroud you deserve my harshest efforts to rid you of demons. Sometimes I have found that a good beating before the application of nearly boiling wax allows the demons to move more quickly to their waxy prison. So bear in mind that if the first application of wax does not completely expiate you that a beating will soon follow on your already sensitized skin, before more wax drips down the little grooves left by the cane. 

As you hover above you will see the destructive hellions being sucked into the wax. It will not hurt, but allow you to soar more freely until once again you forget about this captive earth, with its words and pain and instead ride the tail of a comet through the cosmos.

And yet, if the nastiness is even more deep seated, I have a small black box with lights and knobs and wires. Demons find this treatment almost impossible to resist, and they leave your body with such a rush that you orgasm over and over in celebration. And celebration is what this is all about, right?


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